No Planet B: Esmee Barron-Eaves

We need to act now and act fast to ensure our futures aren’t put in danger, just like our planet is.

Esmee Barron-Eaves

Esmee Barron-Eaves is an illustrator from Blackpool, currently studying art as a part of her GCSEs. Barron-Eaves experiments imaginatively with a wide-range of mediums from paint to graphic design. No Planet B aims to raise awareness of the threat climate change poses to our civilisation. The world on fire is a nod to the more frequent and extreme fires our forests have been experiencing over the past year. These forests are the most biodiverse places on our planet, from sloths in the Amazon to Orangutans in Malaysia these places are home to hundreds of thousands of flora and fauna. As well as their biodiversity, they are also important carbon sinks and so they must be protected.

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“Change needs to made to the way we live our lives. The planet we live on won’t last forever and my age group are the ones who can lead the change and have the ability to so. You can do little things everyday like recycle or reduce the amount of plastic that you buy. These changes can also be on a larger scale like going vegetarian or vegan. If everyone makes a small change, it can make a big difference. We are not taught about climate change at school, and too many people my age do not realise the dangers we face if we don’t make adjustments to our lifestyles. They don’t see how their actions are effecting themselves, their friends and the planet. Instead, they chose to ignore the warning signs or simply refuse to believe it. We need to act now and act fast to ensure our futures aren’t put in danger, just like our planet is.”

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