Why be a Veggie – An Obvious Guide to Becoming a Vegetable

By Alice Eaves

I created the ‘why be a veggie’ zine as a satirical review of the perks of vegetarianism. As every veggie will know, this small guide plays on some of the mean remarks our non-veggie friends make. I wanted to reclaim these veggie stereotypes within the zine, whilst treading the fine line between educating but not preaching, and humour without ridicule.

In all seriousness, we are at the crux of a global pandemic and changing foods habits may not be the first thing on anyone’s agenda. However, we cannot ignore the fact that we are also facing a climate crisis. The carbon cost of a meat-based diet is significant in comparison to a plant-based one. Therefore, in a world where reducing our carbon footprint is increasingly pressing, reducing the amount of meat we eat seems logical. Although dietary choices should not be forced upon anyone, this zine hopefully points to a few of the many benefits of reducing your meat intake. Eating vegetarian meals does not mean eating boring, bland food. So next time, rather than dismissing your friend for choosing chickpeas over chicken in their curry, why not give it a go first?