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  • The One Across The Water

    The One Across The Water

    Poem courtesy of Anonymous from Manchester High School For Girls, in conversation with Toryn Whitehead My villages and municipalities around me, My heart aches, for you loss, is the gain of another across the water, That reaps his profits as he watches our torture. While we learn to make-do with the saline soils, And the […]

  • Stop and Stare

    Stop and Stare

    By Yennah Smart It’s halfway through 2021. The climate crisis is as real as it’s ever been. As activists continue to try to engage more people and enact more change, how can art help to communicate the issues at hand? With everything in the news at the moment, COVID-19, internal government disputes, crypto-currency and more, […]

  • Why be a Veggie – An Obvious Guide to Becoming a Vegetable

    Why be a Veggie – An Obvious Guide to Becoming a Vegetable

    By Alice Eaves I created the ‘why be a veggie’ zine as a satirical review of the perks of vegetarianism. As every veggie will know, this small guide plays on some of the mean remarks our non-veggie friends make. I wanted to reclaim these veggie stereotypes within the zine, whilst treading the fine line between […]

  • No Planet B: Esmee Barron-Eaves

    No Planet B: Esmee Barron-Eaves

    We need to act now and act fast to ensure our futures aren’t put in danger, just like our planet is. Esmee Barron-Eaves Esmee Barron-Eaves is an illustrator from Blackpool, currently studying art as a part of her GCSEs. Barron-Eaves experiments imaginatively with a wide-range of mediums from paint to graphic design. No Planet B […]