Here at Rehabilitating Earth, we believe engaging kids in climate change is crucial. At the end of the day, it is young people who will have the biggest role to play in transforming our fossil fuel-dependent society into one that is green and sustainable.

As a part of our initiative Climate4Kids, we offer inspirational, educational school talks on issues surrounding climate change. Climate change is an umbrella subject, with so many different cultural, social and ecological issues falling under it. Therefore, talks are designed to meet your needs. Previously, we have spoken to pupils about Why Climate Change is a Feminist Issue, Misinformation and Climate Change, The Plastic Problem and many other topics.

Climate change is really complex issue! We tailor talks to our audience, ranging from primary school pupils to sixth-form – helping to breakdown sometimes confusing problems into smaller, more digestible ones.

Manchester High School for Girls

Recently, we spoke to the pupils at Manchester High School for Girls about Misinformation and Climate Change. The talk included some of our top tips for living a more climate-friendly life, as well as a quiz at then end to test the girls knowledge and what they had learnt; with the winner receiving a home-grown tomato plant in a McDonald’s coffee cup!

Later on, we chatted to both the primary school’s Eco-Councils about The Plastic Problem as a part of their zero-waste week. Hearing the pupils perspectives of climate change and learning what they were doing to combat it was fascinating. The feedback we received for these talks was that they were engaging, interactive, educational and good at getting their point across.

“The talk was thought-provoking, engaging and tailored exactly to the year group in question.” – MHSG

If you’re interested in an inspirational, educational school talk about climate change, get in contact with us below!

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