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  • Rethinking Food and Land use Systems

    Rethinking Food and Land use Systems

    By Hanna Vogt We are living in unsettling times. The rise of climate change, accelerating rates of biodiversity decline and species extinction make for an uncertain future. Many 21st century problems may seem overwhelmingly complex – but rethinking the systems of how and what we are farming will help us achieve a healthier, equitable, and […]

  • The Dark Side of Palm Oil

    The Dark Side of Palm Oil

    By Natalie Burnett Palm oil is unavoidable. It can be found in almost everything: from your favourite foods like pizza and chocolate, to your everyday lipstick and your go to body wash. It is something we seemingly can’t live without, present in almost 50% of packaged products. Unfortunately, palm oil has a dark side. Its […]

  • The Zero Waste Rebellion

    The Zero Waste Rebellion

    By Toryn Whitehead A zero waste lifestyle is a growing trend in the UK led by hundreds of small, independent shops. These businesses seek to put an end to excessive, single-use packaging by providing a zero-waste alternative that minimises the environmental impact of our consumer habits. In 2016, 221 million tonnes of total waste was […]

  • Goodbye Orange… Hello Green?

    Goodbye Orange… Hello Green?

    By Abbie McGrath January 20th saw a huge, collective sigh of relief across the globe. Trump was finally out, the transition of power went surprisingly smoothly and Biden’s inaugural address spoke of unity and the victory of democracy. For the rest of his first day in office, the new President would tackle a towering stack […]

  • The Plastic Problem

    The Plastic Problem

    By Amie Williams Avoiding single-use plastic has become synonymous with saving the planet. Anyone caught buying a plastic shopping bag is destined to shame internally and from fellow shoppers. Even if I was the thirstiest I have ever been in my life, it would take a lot for me to gather up the courage to […]

  • No Planet B: Esmee Barron-Eaves

    No Planet B: Esmee Barron-Eaves

    We need to act now and act fast to ensure our futures aren’t put in danger, just like our planet is. Esmee Barron-Eaves Esmee Barron-Eaves is an illustrator from Blackpool, currently studying art as a part of her GCSEs. Barron-Eaves experiments imaginatively with a wide-range of mediums from paint to graphic design. No Planet B […]

  • What the M*lk?!

    What the M*lk?!

    By Toryn Whitehead Everyone loves milk. Whether it’s with your morning cuppa, in your cereal, or a glass before bed its a staple in most households. During 2019/20 15 billion litres of milk were produced in the UK alone, enough to cover the city and county of Cardiff in a ten centimetre layer of milk. […]

  • Santa Claus vs The Grinch

    Santa Claus vs The Grinch

    By Toryn Whitehead Standing at 5’7″ with a weight of 260 pounds we have Santa Claus. In the opposite corner, standing at 4’5″ with a weight of 145 pounds we have The Grinch. Santa Claus is fighting to save modern Christmas: excessive consumerism and excessive food waste which has a huge carbon footprint. The Grinch […]

  • The Hidden World of Fast Fashion

    The Hidden World of Fast Fashion

    By Toryn Whitehead The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as consuming more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined. If we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, in line with the goal of the Paris Agreement on climate change, we must […]

  • Make Manatees Great Again

    Make Manatees Great Again

    By Toryn Whitehead Our weather is becoming more extreme and destructive. Consequently, decades of work to reverse man-made damage to the Everglades, a vast, fragile ecosystem in South Florida is being undermined. As well as the flora and fauna, humans will be on the endangered list if we do not act now. Florida manatees play […]