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  • Rethinking Food and Land use Systems

    Rethinking Food and Land use Systems

    By Hanna Vogt We are living in unsettling times. The rise of climate change, accelerating rates of biodiversity decline and species extinction make for an uncertain future. Many 21st century problems may seem overwhelmingly complex – but rethinking the systems of how and what we are farming will help us achieve a healthier, equitable, and […]

  • Climate Change: A Sisyphean Task?

    Climate Change: A Sisyphean Task?

    By Toryn Whitehead Climate change is a diverse problem full of deep uncertainty. Freak weather events will become more frequent and severe, resulting in immense human suffering and the ecological genocide of our planet. In an effort to combat this threat, the Paris Agreement was signed in 2016. Every nation on earth committed to carbon […]