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Rehabilitating Earth is a start-up magazine looking to expand. We want to hear from you! We’re looking for volunteer writers, poets, short film makers, photographers, artists, or whatever your craft is to help build a team with a broad range of skills and experiences. Climate change is a complex issue, so it’s essential we explore it from as many different perspectives as possible.

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Toryn Whitehead

Founder and Editor-in-Chief – (he/him)

Toryn is currently undertaking a masters in Climate Change & Development at the University of Manchester. Having studied Chemistry at undergraduate, Toryn is excited to combine his love of science with creative mediums in his work at Rehabilitating Earth.

Interested in climate change education, he hopes to engage people in content raising awareness of climate change and what he each of us can do to lower our own carbon footprint.


Alice Eaves

Graphics Coordinator – (she/her)

A recent graduate of the University of Manchester studying Drama & English Literature, Alice is currently undertaking an Art Foundation Diploma at Blackpool and The Fylde College. Alice is an all-round creative guru, dabbling in art, poetry and film to name just a few of her recent pursuits. Alice is excited to create illustrations for Rehabilitating Earth, merging her passion for climate change and different artistic mediums.

See Alice’s work here

Abbie McGrath

Regular Contributor – (she/her)

Abbie is currently studying her masters in International Development: Environment Climate Change and Development at the University of Manchester. Although a far cry from her bachelor’s in Neuroscience, she feels she has finally found exactly what she wants to do in life. Focussing on environmental issues, Abbie can’t wait to put her creative side to good use writing for Rehabilitating Earth!

Amie Williams

Regular Contributor – (she/her)

Amie is currently studying her masters in International Development, focusing on the environment and climate change at the University of Manchester. With a background in Environmental Science, she is interested in the portrayal of environmental issues in the media and public perception. As a result, her articles attempt to raise attention to important issues that are under-represented in widespread media.

Amie also has a small business with her sisters where they are as sustainable as possible, particularly focusing on trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

Instagram @pili.palla

Natalie Burnett

Regular Contributor – (she/her)

Natalie is a recent graduate from the University of Manchester studying Biological Sciences. She specialised in science media and is keen to combine her creative side with her love of science through a career in science communication. Her interests range from areas of climate change and ecology to fitness, nutrition and mental health. She is excited to continue developing her writing skills and knowledge through Rehabilitating Earth.

Hanna Vogt

Regular Contributor – (she/her)

Hanna’s interest in climate charge begun on her travels around South America before starting university. After finishing her undergraduate degree in Geography, she recently moved to the UK to undertake her master’s in International Development. Hanna is particularly interested in the relationship between lifestyle, nutrition & health, cultural anthropology, climate justice and environmental conservation.

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